Scope Of Work

Kafou operates in several sectors including power, electricity, water treatment, petrochemicals, as well as health, medical equipment, and technical solutions for hospitals. We also deal in the financial sector, real estate, trade, partial and full acquisitions, hedge funds, commodities and currencies. In addition Kafou invested in Mini- Markets and FMCG.

Vision & Objectives

Kafou focuses on corporate "self development" to become one of the Kingdom's leading national companies in its field and provide the most advanced services under a fully integrated and coherent management system.

The company aims at becoming a national benchmark for commitment, quality, and customer relations.


Kafou Group regards client satisfaction its absolute priority.
Accordingly, the company is founded on key fundamentals:
Thoroughness and attention to detail, high quality services and products, and working in accordance with the world's latest scientific advancement.

Corporate Profile


  Jeddah Branch
  Headquarter Riyadh
  Khobar Branch

Our Campanies